We believe that businesses shouldn't have to compromise for having unique needs - and with Odoocloud Accounting, you get a future proof system that can be developed and customised to do whatever you want.


Odoocloud Accounting plays well with others.

We can integrate with any of your sales channels, suppliers, or other business systems. Get a centralised view of your entire business, with accounting postings made in real-time.


From adding new data fields to creating customised process flows, Odoocloud Accounting can grow with you. Because it's open source, we can modify any aspects of the system to truly fit the way you work.

Replica database

Customers on all tiers can get a free replica system, pre-loaded with a copy of your database so you can test and explore features without affecting your production data.

To talk to us about any of these services, call us on 01788 298 450 or email hello@opusvl.com.